Tent Rentals

Premier Event Rentals brings to you a variety of tent styles and sizes, each with a unique purpose. They can be set up to be as simple and low profile as you'd like it, or it can be set up to be so glamorous that you'd hardly know you're in a tent. The benefit of a tent over an indoor venue lies in the capability of total customization. The possibilities for the backdrop of your special day are endless, because tents can be placed in virtually any environment or setting. Another way to customize your day is by size, shape, style and layout. We will assist in designing the best layout options to meet your needs.

One of the styles that we offer is the frame tent which is great for tight spaces or simple elegance. It can be staked or weighted and doesn't require excess room around the perimeter for support lines. We have a variety of sizes ranging from 10'x10' to 40'x100'. The high peak frames and the clear tops add interest and will make great memories in photo shoots! Be sure to ask if that's an option for the size you're requesting.

Pole tents range in size from 20'x30' Epic High Peak, up to the Twin Pole High Peak at 100' wide. For events meant to attract a large crowd, the Clear Span Structure is perfect. It ranges from 60x60 to 100' wide and can extend up to unlimited lengths. The Clear Span is sturdy in high winds and has no interior barriers. Its strength is perfect for industrial purposes or in in extreme weather, however, it's elegant accessories can make it an attention grabber in any occasion!